Shenzhen Visa On Arrival-5 Day Shenzhen Visa

How to obtain your 5-Day Shenzhen Visa On Arrival from Hong Kong ?A Foreign passenger who is arriving Shenzhen from Hong Kong now can apply for Visa on arrival.

Generally, you must obtain a Chinese visa before travel to China.

However, there is some exception. Most nationalities of the following countries can easily get a visa on arrival in Shenzhen, such as Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Netherlands, Austria, Australia,Canada, New Zealand, UK, Ireland and Spain, Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia.Other nationals are hard to get if they have never been to PRC.

Passport holders of  Philippines and India  are not eligible for the application and even get fined for arrival without a valid Chinese visa.


Uptate: Passport holder of  United States and France  are now eligiable for the application of  visa on arrival  in Shenzhen.

The visa policy of  Visa On Arrival upon Shenzhen may change without prior notice.

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Shenzhen 5day Visa
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Shenzhen Private Tour Guide-Shenzhen Visa On Arrival
Shenzhen Visa On Arrival-Shenzhen Tour Guide
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Do I Need a Chinese Visa? Shenzhen is a special economic zone and there is 5 -day-visa on arrival .You could apply visa on arrival through Hong Kong. This visa is  only valid for Shenzhen Special Economic Zone.

Where to apply for a Shenzhen visa on arrival ?

You can apply Shenzhen visa on arrival at  Huanggang Port , (LoWu) Luohu Port and Shekou Ferry Port .

Shenzhen visa can not be  bought via travel agent. 

Update for  Port Visa Service Hours: 9:00-16:30 ( Lowu Port and Huanggang Port is the same)

How to apply Shenzhen Visa on arrival ?

You do not have to provide any photo, all you need to do is to fill an application form, to show your Passport and a landing slip as below photo .

Note:Please bring your old Passport if you have a new one . 

How much does it cost  for a Shenzhen Visa on Arrival ?

For most nationalities you will have to pay RMB 168. As a British citizen ,you will have to pay RMB304.

Swiss,Swedish,Spansih,French,Italian,Canadian ,Australian,US,British Passport holder is eligible for Shenzhen Visa On Arrival.

If you still have any doubt and would like us to validate whether you could apply visa upon arrival , please don't hesitate to contact us via Wechat or Whatsapp:+86 137 8838 0590 

We charge 25US$ as visa consulting fee. 

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